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Because of the overwhelming positive impact of the program and our desire to reach children from all walks and areas of life, we depend on personal and community contributions to survive. Your help is needed now more than ever to make a statement in the fight for early literacy.

You can give a gift that will inspire and promote early reading and literacy skills in a child by:



$30 allows us to purchase 30 books to help build at home libraries

$60 will give (2) children our “Super Reader” club membership.

$100 will support our Fairview Book Club w/snacks & supplies for up to 6 months.

$200 will place a mobile book crate with 15 books into an unconventional place like a salon, laundromat, or restaurant waiting area.

$500 will support our Boo’s for Books program which includes marketing, character involvement, and placement of up to 350 books into the hands of children in need during Halloween.  Primarily at a local Title-1 school.

Any donation, big or small will assist us in promoting early literacy in our communities. 

Support us today by making a tax-deductible monetary donation of any amount by clicking the above button to donate online or by mailing, check, or money order to: 


Sydney’s Book Club

PO Box 62,

Dudley, NC 28333

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