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The foundation for literacy and school success is laid during the early years. During this time, young children develop the skills and attitudes that will help them be successful. Through their daily experiences, children encounter opportunities to develop oral language skills, gain knowledge about the forms and functions of written language, practice their emerging literacy skills, and refine their cognitive and social abilities. Children acquire these skills and knowledge in a variety of formal and informal settings, including the home (Purcell-Gates, 1996; Strickland & Taylor, 1989), child care programs (Bryant, Burchinal, Lau, & Sparling, 1994; Dickinson & Smith, 1994), and other community settings (e.g., Kuby & Aldridge, 2004).



Read on to learn more about how Sydney's Book Club is creating opportunities for the emerging reading and literacy skills to form in preschoolers...

Our Approach

Sydney and Layla Reading

Online Community

Remotely, people can participate in the book club by visiting our website and social media pages for daily encouragement, activities, and tips to assist you on your reading journey.

Girls in Costumes for Boo's for Books


Boo’s for Books encourages the community to pass out books in lieu of or in addition to candy for Halloween.  

Book Club Attendees


SBC local book club meetings are currently hosted throughout Eastern North Carolina.  Interested in promoting early reading and literacy skills in your area?  Let's talk! 

Girl picking a book


Wrapped Reads provides free, newly, wrapped books to help build the at home libraries of children in the community.

African American Students Reading


Get us involved in your classroom, literacy night, book fair, or other themed reading events with your students. We would love to help you promote reading and early literacy!

We Read Here Decal


We Read Here encourages the community to foster reading in unconventional places!  

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