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  • What is Sydney's Book Club?
    Sydney’s Book Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization promoting early reading and literacy skills while encouraging positive parent-child interaction. We do this by creating opportunities for emerging reading and literacy skills to form in preschoolers in and outside of the home on a regular basis! These opportunities include our online community, physical books club meetings, literacy camps, school visits, events, and by providing books to help build at home libraries.
  • How do I become a member of Sydney's Book Club?
    Membership is available on our website at through an online form. We offer two exciting membership options. For Bookworm memberships, sign up is free. For Super Reader memberships, a one-time tax deductible donation of $30 is required (Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted).
  • If I’m not located in the United States, can I still sign up?"
  • Is there an age limit for Sydney's Book Club?
    Our membership is directed towards preschoolers. Those children that haven't yet entered into Kindergarten.
  • What is the difference between the “Bookworm” and “Super Reader” memberships?
    The Bookworm membership is free, and members will receive a welcome email from Sydney, a downloadable membership badge/certificate and activity booklet. Members will receive birthday recognition, as well as access to our online community, which will include reading tips and resources. Bookworm memberships also include monthly e-newsletters. The Super Reader membership is $30, and members will receive by mail a welcome letter from Sydney, an official membership button and activity booklet. Members will also receive a cool book, SBC Pencil, stickers, read bracelet, and a SBC Shirt. In addition to birthday recognition, our online community, which includes reading tips and resources, a monthly e-newsletter, and exclusive discounts on SBC merchandise.
  • How long does each membership last?
    Bookworm and Super Reader memberships are 1 year in length.
  • How do I renew my membership?
    For Bookworm members, your subscription is will automatically be renewed. For Super Reader members, you will receive an email to confirm if you'd like for your membership to be renewed. If you choose not to renew your Super Reader membership, you will be automatically placed in the Bookworm membership.
  • Is there a discount offered for multiple children households to be Super Reader members?
    Unfortunately, not at this time.
  • Can I upgrade my Bookworm membership to the Super Reader membership during the year?
    Of course. Visit our registration page at and follow the steps to sign up and submit $30 donation for the Super Reader membership. Badges earned prior to the upgrade will rollover as well. Note on the form that you are upgrading in the about your child section!
  • When should I expect the monthly e-newsletter?
    Our monthly newsletter will be going out the first Monday of every month. The newsletter will announce prize winners, include promotional offers exclusive to members and feature news and reading tips.
  • If I won a prize, how do I redeem it?"
    Congratulations! You will be receiving an email from us with further instructions on how to redeem your prize.
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